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The rebirth of the apocalyptic Captain

The rebirth of the apocalyptic Captain

The rebirth of the apocalyptic Captain

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    The rebirth of the apocalyptic Captain
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    Why Senmo
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    Long Novel
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2022-06-29 04:08:03
[end of wasteland], [doomsday lone ship], [racial war] mankind is aging rapidly, and the rest are forced to cross collectively mechanic Wang Fei is reborn. As a pioneer, he will visit the wasteland again, find the best crew and forge a lonely ship of doomsday ---- on the waste land, how do human refugees struggle to survive, unity and cooperation, or mutual strife the mysterious void, the final hub, who is the ally in the world of science and technology, there is also "summoning", which can "carry" warships ---- [as a senior garbage man, what's the purpose of becoming stronger?] of course, it's to pick up garbage unimpeded ~ save mankind by the way... [what's the process to save the world?] of course, it's to pick up garbage, lift spaceships, fight monsters, and then go to the new map to pick up more garbage there are so many babies. No one can do anything if they are buried there. I dig them out and they are mine pick it up! You can pick up rusted steel plates and huge bones under ~ -- yellow sand strange ship skeletons and star fragments in the starry sky lightsaber, source power, shelter, mobile city, floating island, growth spaceship... this is the legend of captain a Fei: "Hey, don't take off first, the toilet on the ship is blocked again..." ---- (elements: Home - fialli Empire, Star Wars, endless space, interstellar, mass effect, radiation...)

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