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I want to live forever by painting

I want to live forever by painting

I want to live forever by painting

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    I want to live forever by painting
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    Smoke wave strange old man
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    Free Novel!
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At the end of the season, there are many wizards, evil laws are popular, and there are four nightmares and prayers nine bald brushes, a little residual ink, paint the soul with a bald brush, and know how to paint Taoist painting soul with bare brush and residual ink, painting skin and bones can also draw soul. A wisp of fragrant soul dust shadow falls, painting the soul of ink mountain and stone soul. It's not enough that the pin shape is shining and the bone is shining. It's rare for the God and the soul painting beauty bones is rare in the world. There is bone, but no skin, there is skin, but no bone. However, most of the world's eyes are shallow. They can only see the skin, but not the bone... everyone can describe the soul of the world. Those who have souls, but not gods, and those who are absent-minded, accumulate and refine the three treasures. Yes, every dust is a painting, the heart is a painting soul, painting is a life, but the soul is for several generations... Lingguang immortal method, Lingxi reflection, who, I have a beautiful bathing picture for you

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