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Follower of the sun of Douluo

Follower of the sun of Douluo

Follower of the sun of Douluo

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    Follower of the sun of Douluo
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    Old Wen
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    Light Novel
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2022-01-27 16:28:21
Heroes' achievements are based on the flesh and blood of ordinary people, and the glory of the strong tramples on the tears of the weak - this is not only the sadness of the world, but also the cruel reality there is such a man who inquires about the meaning of the existence of the weak with his lonely body at the end of the world, and he gives alms to the world with his poor body although people walking on the ground are ordinary, they walk towards the light and will never move forward even if they are burned by the light this is the growth story of ordinary people and the growth process of new writers. Non cool writing, poor writing< Br> - - (PS: brief introduction, weakness, old people being Tucao. Single female leader, sun kitchen, thirty years before the plot begins. Many private settings, do not make complaints about! group number 639263877)

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