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The story of different heads covering the sky

The story of different heads covering the sky

The story of different heads covering the sky

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    The story of different heads covering the sky
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    Ultra platinum
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    Cook Books
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2022-05-04 19:39:17
A lifetime of grass begets an autumn now that you have passed through and live again, you should live this time properly Zhang Yue, a sad 80's, hung up while working overtime and unexpectedly became a disciple of Huashan sect with developed limbs and simple mind so the story begins Zhang Yue said, "it's silly not to see beautiful women." Zhang Yue also said: as long as you have seen a person's road to success, you know that everyone has a shortcut to success Zhang Yue, who has always wanted to have an adventure and get peerless magic skills, found that no matter how he practices martial arts, there are people outside the world. One mountain is always higher than another. What should he do if he wants to dominate the Wulin the head is a good thing. I can't beat you in my martial arts. I can use weapons. Hehe, my white phosphorus fire bullet finger skill, when I use my hand hard, I go out with a flash of fire. Who can stand it? This is called asymmetric play I'm Zhang Yue. In this Jianghu, I cover the sky.

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