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I, Hermione, cross manwei and be the Savior

I, Hermione, cross manwei and be the Savior

I, Hermione, cross manwei and be the Savior

Rating: 9 / 10 from 24657 ratings
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    I, Hermione, cross manwei and be the Savior
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    Hungry mosquitoes
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    Sky Book
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Lin Qingyun is a little beauty who is loved by everyone. She has excellent academic achievements and is modest to others, but no one knows that she has an ability different from ordinary people since she was a child her luck is 10% better than that of ordinary people. After a period of time, she will inexplicably pick up good things. Even if Lin Qingyun doesn't pick up the money on the ground, she will magically appear in Lin Qingyun's pocket the next day so she usually picks it up until that day, she found an admission letter from Hogwarts boarding college in this way, Lin Qingyun passed through and became the beautiful heroine Hermione [option 1: reward (eternal youth)] [option 2: subdue the demon as a younger brother, reward (eternal life)] [option 3: cross marvel, be the Savior of the two worlds back and forth, reward (go home once)] in order to go home once, Lin Qingyun resolutely chose option 3, for nothing else, because option 3 also has an additional reward (invincible attribute + 1)

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