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The game is too real

The game is too real

The game is too real

Rating: 9 / 10 from 26100 ratings
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    The game is too real
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    Morningstar ll
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    Cool Novel
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This game is too real carrying bricks, running errands, picking up garbage and delivering express... The company can let you experience the hardships of 996 at most. Here you can experience the super double 007 well, no more nonsense. The great manager called me to move bricks the adult said that as long as we try to give our liver, he can change a new set of power armor next month. At that time, he will take us to open a new map and pick up more garbage in the vast waste land... Chu Guang, who crossed the wasteland world, found that he had unlocked the shelter system and was able to summon a creature named "player" from the parallel world from that day on, the whole waste soil was not serious.

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