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Infinite evolution from fog

Infinite evolution from fog

Infinite evolution from fog

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    Infinite evolution from fog
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    Tibetan fox who likes drinking tea
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    Happy Read
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2022-01-23 08:37:54
On the first day of the fog, mankind was shrouded in a game this is a game spanning time and space, with a copy of reality and illusion search for murderers in the real world, encounter Ye Wen on the diesel punk Island, stage a strange fate of ice and snow in the dark fairy tale world, drive a taxi crazy at Hogwarts college and participate in World War I side by side with fan Haixin... some people become players, some become NPCs, some pursue dreams and ambitions, and some are distorted by extraordinary forces this is the best time! It's also the worst time our protagonist has been locked in the level since he became a player. Moreover, he also has schizophrenia... PS: this book has both adapted copies of popular films and television, animation, games and novels, as well as original copies.

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