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The war of the Western Jin Dynasty

The war of the Western Jin Dynasty

The war of the Western Jin Dynasty

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    The war of the Western Jin Dynasty
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2022-09-22 19:43:02
The Western Jin Dynasty was a short-lived Dynasty in Chinese history, but it ended the dispute among the heroes since the Three Kingdoms and realized reunification. However, reunification is short-lived, extravagant and extravagant. The princes of Sima family competed for power and profit, and the shadow of swords and swords. After the famous eight kings' rebellion, history moved towards division. There was a situation of five Hu and sixteen states in the northern land. This situation lasted until the unification of the Sui Dynasty, which lasted about 300 years, which was the darkest period in Chinese history. Through the historical presentation of the Western Jin Dynasty, this book hopes to sort out how the Western Jin Dynasty established the country, unified it step by step, and then moved from unity to division.

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