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A cycle from zero, back and forth

A cycle from zero, back and forth

A cycle from zero, back and forth

Rating: 9 / 10 from 4536 ratings
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    A cycle from zero, back and forth
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    Qingquan North Road
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    Ethical Novel
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2022-01-15 04:00:21
In my daily life, I feel a sense of loneliness and emptiness in my heart. In order to get rid of this feeling, I read a lot of leisure works such as animation and novels. Finally, I returned to the origin. One day, I made a wish in my heart: make my life more interesting! "Then come to the theme you like, the world of zombie apocalypse." a goddess realized my wish. Between closing and opening his eyes, there was no laughter from his former classmates and the quarrel and scolding of his father, leaving only a piece of yellow sand that couldn't see to the end. The note in your hand says: your physical quality has been the same as that of people in this world, but anyway, you are still an ordinary person. You can set a birth point, which is your welfare! Live well. After reading it, I walk towards the world in my dream

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