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Yuankang wine

Yuankang wine

Yuankang wine

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    Yuankang wine
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    Jinshan Shennong Baicao
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    Bestcar read
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2022-06-23 13:58:11
Abstract Lao Hua is a folk Chinese herbal medicine doctor. He has a secret recipe of "Yuankang wine" that can prevent plague when he was white haired and in his fashionable year, he felt that he wanted to pass on his skills to future generations and began to cultivate his son ah Tian ah Tian planted authentic medicinal materials on the land of his hometown, such as Atractylodes rhizome, wild Ganoderma lucidum, Radix Pseudostellariae, Rhizoma polygonatum, lingxiaohua, etc., to lead the local people to become rich when a Tian can gain a foothold in society, his character and technology are recognized by everyone. He began to teach Afghanistan to make the original Kang wine of "life Kang Yuan". How to choose the medicine formula and how to brew the most important medicinal material "Shengkangyuan" were explained in detail until a Tianxin led the God meeting. First, make samples in the name of agricultural products and sell them on Kangyang street when a Tian's licenses were complete and he had everything, his son Xiaoming graduated from the University of traditional Chinese medicine and worked in the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. In his spare time, he began to come back to learn how to make "Yuankang wine"< Br> Xiaoming became an adult in the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, retired to his father's day, concentrated the essence of Chinese medicine into dozens of traditional Chinese medicines, and finally completed the unparalleled "original Kang wine", which made a due contribution to fighting the epidemic situation and human society.

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