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The ancient crocodile asked the sky

The ancient crocodile asked the sky

The ancient crocodile asked the sky

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    The ancient crocodile asked the sky
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    52weixin Books
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2022-06-29 08:18:42
When the future generation of devil zuluo throat spits blood under the four seas Dragon Seal of the ZuLong emperor, when the inverted old ancestor standing above the gate of eternal life is closed by the supreme emperor of the Kirin family with the emperor's book so that it can't move for thousands of years, when the blue sky, which is known to master the great mill of destruction, is killed by the supreme empress of the Phoenix family with the emperor's mirror, the flood is still killing with dragons A hundred ethnic world dominated by Phoenix and Kirin. He was the leader of the ancient crocodile family, one of the 100 ethnic groups under the command of the dragon family. Originally, everything went step by step, but until the emergence of a list asking for heaven, he leaked the secret of heaven and gave a reward, and the track of the boundless world began to deviate gradually.

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