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Accompanying diary

Accompanying diary

Accompanying diary

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    Accompanying diary
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2022-05-24 15:53:45
Bit by bit, dream by dream, youth struggle, joint voice of youth read it over and over again and read it with your parents' troubled middle-aged love boxing this is a father's accompanying diary the middle-aged protagonist "I" was laid off by the company and lost his job. He was deeply in the dilemma of "middle-aged crisis", which coincided with his son's early promotion. In order to choose a school for his son, he kept running in anxiety and helplessness although the school selection was successful, she failed to enter the key class as she wished. Her wife was strongly dissatisfied, leaving hidden dangers after my son went to junior high school, I was trapped in the dilemma of "seeking career transformation" and "accompanying children to grow up". My transformation is slow, but my wife is impatient, the growth of children, the objective environment of the school, and many contradictions make the family crisis and quarrel constantly fortunately, after three years of concerted efforts of the whole family, my son finally entered Fangnan No. 1 middle school, the key high school he wanted, and I was faced with a dilemma again this is also a diary for parents and children to grow up together.

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