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Guoman agent

Guoman agent

Guoman agent

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    Guoman agent
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    Silent lotus
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    Clean book
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2022-06-23 20:10:15
Hello, my name is Lu Guang. I'm a clerk in the time photo studio for a long time, Cheng houh and I have used the super ability to enter photos to complete the entrustment from customers however, one day, sister Qiao Ling, our store manager, joined a group. From that moment on, our business began to expand into new fields Tu Shanhong: I hope I can make other choices at that time little Fugui: I have something in mind. Can you convey it to little UFO for me Diya: can you help me find something from my childhood... commissions were sent to Qiao Ling's hand. I also took a long breath and felt tired of the heavy task suddenly, a hand appeared in front of me. When I turned my head, I found it was Cheng hour "well, let's start." Cheng Xiao blinked his eyes and handed them to me. I thought for a while. Finally, I looked up and said: "old rules, regardless of the past, don't ask the future." they clapped their palms together. This will be a story of traveling in Guoman time and space!

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