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Siheyuan: I m Lin Fei. I m really a good man

Siheyuan: I m Lin Fei. I m really a good man

Siheyuan: I m Lin Fei. I m really a good man

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    Siheyuan: I m Lin Fei. I m really a good man
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    I was a fool
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    Yipin Books
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The beginning is the death of both parents, but also with a picked up sister to the city to inherit his uncle's legacy Lin Fei, who came through, is naturally well aware of the value of real estate in 49 cities unexpectedly, his uncle's real estate was occupied by Jia and Zhang it was not easy to recover his uncle's property from Jia Zhang's hand, but he was excluded by the people in the hospital because of this matter fortunately, on a dark and windy night, Lin Fei activated the "helping others" system stick stem is greedy for my braised meat have you heard of Croton? Make sure you shiver at the sight of braised pork legs in the future Jia Dongxu had an accident in the rolling mill and his life and death are uncertain master medical skills? Make sure you live in good health just for the rest of his life, Jia Dongxu can only lie in bed and watch the silly column next door who makes an idea about your daughter-in-law offer hospitality an aunt is infertile, and an uncle worries that no one will provide for the elderly in the future don't worry, it's up to Xu Damao I promise that my aunt will give you a fat son in the future, but whether this son is yours or not is another question Lin Fei: animals, no, it's neighbors. You have to believe me. I Lin Fei is really a good man!

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