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Work against heaven

Work against heaven

Work against heaven

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    Work against heaven
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    No fairy no
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    Beauty Read
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2022-06-23 04:29:13
In the ancient century, the demon family was rampant, the human family was born, and the yin-yang totem transformed the Gemini to protect the human family's luck. With the unparalleled posture of Gemini, support the human race, create martial arts, cultivate the Qi of heaven and earth, strengthen your body, swallow mountains and rivers, and break the heaven and earth at the end of the ancient century, the double emperors led the human race to fight against the demon race in the land of mixed spirits. The war was extremely tragic, the universe was broken, the space was empty, the mountains turned over the sea, and the life was ruined. The sky had no vitality, just like hell on earth when the war was fierce, the land of mixed spirits was isolated by an extremely dazzling light. The divine mind was unknown, and the land of mixed spirits disappeared in the end, only a few people survived, and so did the demon clan. The strength of the human demon two races was greatly damaged, so far the war was stopped the living people keep silent about what happened in the light. The Terran and the demon race control the world together the name of "double Emperors" has been handed down in the human race for thousands of years, and a good story is well-known. The two emperors were born with opposites. It is difficult to drive away current events. They work together to fight demons and strive for a sky folk songs, people are born, demons are chaotic, double emperors appear, and demons are afraid. Fight ghosts and monsters, fight for territory, grasp the demon lord's beard and pull hard, ah ha ha ~

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