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Back to 1992 youth

Back to 1992 youth

Back to 1992 youth

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    Back to 1992 youth
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    Lotus beans in '92
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    52weixin Books
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2022-07-04 21:26:27
To live again, Jiang Qi naturally wants to live his wonderful life< Br> however, in the face of the college entrance examination, Jiang Qi forgot most of the knowledge he had learned in high school, lost a huge class fee for no reason, and his father was ill... How should Jiang Qi solve these things< Br> back in 1992, Jiang Qi not only wanted to change his own destiny, but also integrated all the resources of that era and became the only king of wealth, entertainment, film and television, media, medicine, Kung Fu and so on< Br> because all this belongs to Jiang Qi< Br> in this era, a bigger secret was revealed by Jiang Qi< Br> so all this

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