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National Game: I can refresh the role affix

National Game: I can refresh the role affix

National Game: I can refresh the role affix

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    National Game: I can refresh the role affix
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    A thousand years of sleep
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    Wine Novel
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2022-07-01 18:54:49
The game overlaps with the reality. Lanjixing has stepped into the era of National Games. Feng Yun holds the golden finger "role affix system" to enter the game, which can not only find out the affixes of changing roles, but also add affixes for himself< Br> obtain the S-level affix [son of destiny] affix effect: the chance of adventure +50%, misfortune and fortune depend on each other. After passing a test, the chance of obtaining an adventure increases to 100%, jumping off a cliff will never die, with a certain probability that the enemy character's IQ is -70%, and the attraction of the opposite sex is +300%< Br> Feng Yun: "good, plus."< Br> obtain the S-level affix [genius of cultivating immortality] affix effect: the speed of increasing the role level of the cultivating immortality system +500%, the power of the cultivating immortality system skill +50%, and the speed of understanding the various skills of cultivating immortality, such as making weapons, alchemy, and arranging arrays +500%< Br> Feng Yun: "awesome, it's mine."< Br> gain the S-level affix [sick Jiao] affix effect: attack power +20%, blackening probability +90%, and possessiveness of the object you like +500%< Br> Feng Yun: "er... Otherwise, this affix will be added to others."< Br> however, at a certain moment, Feng Yun saw the affixes of other characters, and everything changed< Br> the S-level affix [Emperor Yan], favored by heaven, breaks through the sky and is the emperor of fire< Br> the S-level affix [Wu Zu] is fated to move the universe and protect the world. Wu Zu s-level affix [evil Saint King], the eight spirits of good and evil, the good and the evil, are all Dharma gods Feng Yun: "lying in a trough is Tamar's and infinite flow!!!"< Br> main world: break the sky, move the universe, full-time mage

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