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My power is white

My power is white

My power is white

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    My power is white
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    Xi Yan Bu Yan
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    Day Books
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2022-06-23 22:00:30
Hualing continent fell into a state of eclipse for a week on a certain day< Br> after that, the magical world gate, also known as the light gate, appeared in cities in various regions< Br> as the first group of curious people went in, they had all kinds of wonderful powers after coming out< Br> the whole Hualing is divided into six regions by the powers. Each region is the law of the jungle. All the strong are wielding the power of desire< Br> as you continue to enter, some people learn ancient martial arts in it. It is the only power that can rival the power< Br> with the increasing number and strength of guwu people, the war started again, and the six regions became power six and guwu six, a total of twelve regions< Br> ten years have passed, and a new story is rising here< Br> [there are 24 worlds in the light gate, and each entry is random.]

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