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From the Three Kingdoms to marvel

From the Three Kingdoms to marvel

From the Three Kingdoms to marvel

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    From the Three Kingdoms to marvel
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    A feather of forgotten resentment
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2022-06-23 22:28:38
Liu Shi passed through the Three Kingdoms era and inherited the plain king at birth. He started the secondary biological anti emptiness hole engine in his body. Liu Hong is his uncle, Lv Bu is his senior brother, and Cai Yong is his prose teacher. When he opened his insight into the world, he found a giant with six cakes on his face hidden inside the planet. In the polar regions, the frozen mechanical giant was found! In the eastern coastal area of Western Daqin, traces of ice giants were found. On the West Island of Western Daqin, I saw people in robes flying all over the sky on broomsticks. There were mermaids and fishmen in the sea over there. Looking back, there were dragon people, dragon people and mackerel people in the sea to the East. Later, he learned a news that Zhang Heng persuaded a god group to leave the Earth Star before his death so far, Liu Shi knew that he was in the Three Kingdoms period when Marvel dominated the universe. After getting familiar with everything, Liu Shi decided to help his uncle Liu Hong sit firmly in the throne, and then strive to develop his own power and win the marvelous universe with Han family Erlang!

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