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Go, conquer the new world

Go, conquer the new world

Go, conquer the new world

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    Go, conquer the new world
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    He Ge'er
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    Used Book
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Introduction 1: Liu he got a gate to the new world by chance. Facing the temptation of the new world, he plans to pull people to develop it by himself. This is a history of entrepreneurship in the new world. Please see how Liu He leads you to develop the new world and build a new Daxia empire in the new world Introduction 2: at the door of the visa office of the consulate of the state of Xia in a certain place on earth John was carried by several guards and threw out the door, "I'm a doctor of finance from Northwestern University. After graduation, I work at Wells Fargo Bank, a world-class bank. Why don't you agree with my visa application? I love summer. Summer is my dream land. I love summer. Give me a chance..." in the visa office, "Young man, what's your name, where are you from? What's your education?" the visa officer gently asked a young man with dark skin. "my name is Wang Laosan, who is from Yibin, Sichuan. I graduated from junior high school." the young man's answer is very short. "do you want to go to Xia country?" "yes, but I don't have any professional skills!" Wang Laosan is a little unsure. "as long as you want!" the visa officer directly signed the seal on the application.