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Silver wings soar in the stars

Silver wings soar in the stars

Silver wings soar in the stars

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    Silver wings soar in the stars
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    Burning memory 233
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    Redhouse Novel
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2021-11-25 05:49:35
What is technology? Star Destroyer No but all that can be studied is technology alchemy brings creation and life, transcendence brings greed and domination, genes bring stability and inheritance, taboos bring destruction and future Oh, to eliminate all risks, we have to pay some price. At the same time, it will also bring the world to a standstill. Gods and demons can coexist in one thought no matter how strong the high wall is, it will fall down, not to mention it is made of gold in the future, mankind will complete the first overall reunification in 6103, and the island country, the beautiful country and other countries will be destroyed, leaving only orilland in 8021, the earth's ecology changed greatly due to the sequelae of the war, and finally completed the transformation under the leadership of the rulers in 10021, artificial intelligence emerged, established life guidance, developed spacecraft, occupied and transformed dwarf planets, and declared absolute neutrality to the outside world 13021 mankind "mastered" spaceship technology, and mankind split again. After 100 years of fighting, saines foundation, Oro Parliament and dark sand brothers survived successfully. After the planetary transformation in 15203, all parties stopped fighting after occupying Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune respectively in 16003, mankind once again united to explore more distant galaxies. It was called "the first breakthrough" in history and failed. Since then, orilland has developed super soldiers (soldiers with special functions) in 18023, the blood church broke up in orilland< br>……

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