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The system threatened me. Hi in public

The system threatened me. Hi in public

The system threatened me. Hi in public

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    The system threatened me. Hi in public
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    Wake up
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    Free Novel!
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2021-11-28 10:20:26
Battle continental System: you have a new task that has not been processed. Please handle it in time! Countdown 30s a new task is about to be rejected over time. One day's life will be deducted if it is rejected task content: swing and dance in place, and put BGM (joy is good DJ) out this time Lu Chen refused with a backhand! System, you know, five years! Five years! I washed white for five years people don't think I'm a pervert. I'm a fool. Do you know the consequences of letting me die in public? Let no woman talk to me! The man looked at me with strange eyes and fled perfunctorily do you know how I spent the past five years! Ah, Wei is dead! You chose the system. Who wants your help and reward? I don't want even the best weapon!

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