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Chinese Da Fang Song

Chinese Da Fang Song

Chinese Da Fang Song

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    Chinese Da Fang Song
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    Gu Zhangze 328
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    Canela books
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2022-02-03 15:24:18
The novel has ranked No. 1 in the list of love themes Hongliu, a Uighur girl, blocked the gun for Fang zetao and Roland. Unfortunately, she was shot in the chest and had to remove the infected breast to save her life Hongliu took the opportunity to force Roland and and Fang zetao to break up and win Fang zetao as her boyfriend by refusing to cut her breast and asking for death at this time, Roland found that she was pregnant with zetao's quadruplets and went to the United States to study in tears! Lei Ming, an ex boyfriend and rich and young, went to the United States without hesitation and continued to pursue Roland, who was pregnant and waiting to give birth... the plot of Gu Zhangze's autobiographical love novel "China Da Fang Song" was tortuous, suspense continued, climax repeated and touching tears! It is another classic masterpiece reflecting the pure love and career struggle of young people in the 1980s, following the long live youth by Wang Meng, a literary leader, and the big pastoral by Han Tianhang! Based on the 40 years of study and work experience of the author Gu Zhangze and his classmates from Jiangnan University since the 1980s, the novel panoramically reproduces China's textile and garment industry, from cotton and wool production in Xinjiang to the song of China's great textile industry, which surpasses the world-class level in spinning, weaving and garment manufacturing, and heads up to the top of the world's textile and garment industry, referred to as "China's great textile song" ! At the same time, it also eulogizes the pure love and sacrifice and dedication of the youth in the 1980s in their life struggle of striving to study, work hard and achieve their career I sincerely hope that well-known directors and film and television drama investors at home and abroad can contact me and cooperate with me to shoot the autobiographical love novel "China spinning song" as a film and television drama popular on CCTV like "long live youth" and "big pastoral song" as soon as possible!

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