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The start was sealed by yellow leather

The start was sealed by yellow leather

The start was sealed by yellow leather

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    The start was sealed by yellow leather
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    Follow the trend and become an immortal
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2022-01-21 18:47:31
When the evil spirit thrilled, Xu Yuan was sealed by yellow leather at the beginning the Yellow skinned man is standing there. Fellow townsman, fellow townsman, do you think I look like a man or a God before Xu Yuan opened his mouth, two tips appeared in front of him option 1, say it looks like a person. Reward: it will become useless. It will entangle itself in the future and die immediately option 2: say it's like a God. If you reward it, it will find you as a family. In the future, you will be grandchildren for generations to worship it. In the end, it will humiliate and die option 3: kill the yellow skin and obtain the two hundred year old Taoist priest of the yellow skin Xu Yuan untied the button, with Nezha with three heads and six arms tattooed on the faucet in his heart, Guan Gong with open eyes tattooed on his back, Zhong Kui holding a Dharma sword on his left hand, a golden bowl of the Dharma sea held high on his right arm, headless torture on his left leg, fighting heaven and earth on his left leg, and Qi Tian Da Sheng making a scene in the heavenly palace on his right leg. Lei FA Tianzun Wen Zhong appeared in front of him, 18 Dharma protectors of the 18 gates, 36 thunder departments were lining up, and 500 spiritual officials took the lead in the charge Xu Yuan said with a smile, "do you think I'm like a man or a God?"

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