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Top Trump Supporters Attack Joe Biden For Going Maskless Using 2019 Photo

Two top Donald Trump supporters were caught in lies on Monday after attempting to smear Joe Biden as a hypocrite regarding mask-wearing in public.

On Sunday night, Richard Grenell, the president’s former acting director of national intelligence, tweeted out a photo that showed the Democratic presidential nominee talking to a reporter without a mask.

Grenell also called Biden a “Washington, DC phony!”

Fox news host Mark Levin retweeted Grenell’s post and accused Biden of being a fraud.

Both tweets were widely retweeted before CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski pointed out that the photo Grenell and Levin were using to smear Biden as a phony was actually taken in 2019 ― months before the pandemic began.

In a follow-up tweet, Kaczynski included the link to the 2019 Vogue article where the photo originally appeared.

HuffPost reached out to Grenell and Levin, but neither one immediately replied. However, many Twitter users were happy to call them out for their deceptive tweets.

Grenell received the brunt of the criticism.

Levin also came under fire.

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